The harvest of 2020 was one approaching excellence.

In a year filled with difficulty, the first glimpse of a peaceful future comes to us in the form of grapes which, despite everything, have shown how it always pays to have a resilient attitude!

On one hand, the fruits harvested in the 2020 harvest mark an increase in production and on the other reveal the very high quality of the harvest.

Thanks to a perfect climate, characterized by a dry winter and a rainy early summer, the grapes were able to experience an excellent ripening.

Even during the harvest, the climate was mild. The balanced temperature range in the months of September and October made it possible for the Nebbiolo grape to complete its maturation and be harvested at the ideal time.

Now we just have to wait 3 years to enjoy this excellent 2020 vintage, where its value will be recognized with eyes closed and… without masks to hinder our sense of smell!

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