Wine is a reflection of the terroir. The more closely you accompany it through every phase of its life, with lightness and without pressure, the better it will respond to the curiosity of the winelover with a straightforward and sincere nature.

Rispetto del vigneto e dell'uva, prima di tutto: filosofia Piero BussoRespect for the vineyard and the grape, first and foremost: we believe strongly in this idea. The Piero Busso philosophy is this: among the gentle hills of Neive and Treiso, we have chosen the organic agriculture for our vineyards. No chemical herbicides, no excessive intervention on the plants: topping only in exceptional cases, targeted thinning reduced to the bare minimum. Respect for the environment starts with respect for your own land: we use only natural composts. A very low environmental impact.

It would be absolutely pointless to pay meticulous attention to the grapes during every stage of the ripening process and then overdo things in the cellar. We have decided to make wine according to tradition, with the lightest of touches, avoiding the use of too much technology.

Every one of our bottles has a voice of its own. Singing as part of a choir, of course, but each one unique. Because wine is alive; it evolves and changes, differing with every harvest. What we try to do is preserve the slight differences, helping to express the notes that make our wine as authentic as possible.

Cantina Piero Busso di Neive | Grappoli maturi

The wines of Piero Busso in Neive are this: careful to respect and honour the fruit, its aromas and its flavour, placing great value on its origin. We strive to create rich and complex wines, always making sure that they are deliciously drinkable.

Everything in the cellar is done traditionally, the way it used to be. Pumping over, natural fermentations, everything takes place under our watchful gaze, always taking care to limit intervention to the minimum, allowing the wine to acquire characteristics that are far removed from those that would result from industrial winemaking. We prefer large barrels, a different wood which leaves a lighter trace. We implement a series of scrupulously targeted actions to accompany the wine on a journey that gives it identity. Busso wines are recognisable, but never standardised.