La Sroria di Gemma

Every year, between March and April, depending on the temperature, I return to this magnificent vineyard in the form of a sprout.

I’m usually the first to arrive, but in the space of about two weeks, this wonderful place is populated by sprouts like me.

Every year I choose the San Stunet vineyard as my setting to be reborn and grow, until I become the perfect bunch to be transformed into Barbaresco.

I have always chosen this place and forever will, because the view here is enchanting and often during these months, I happen to receive visits from people… in their moments of relaxation.
It’s funny: there are those who run and take themselves seriously, those who walk… thinking that that is enough to lose weight… and there are those, just like me, who choose to come here to enjoy the panoramic view.

Until July, the majority of people who meet me on their way are unaware of what I will become.

In these months I slowly transform from a bud to a flower, until I become a perfect bunch.

It is only in August that you can begin to understand who I will be and what precious task I am called to perform every year.

From August to October I give my best!

I try to make the most of my surroundings, I stay strong and resilient in the face of unfavourable weather.

Then in October, on a day that is not fixed, a pair of shears will take me away from my beloved branch, until the next “weeping of the vines” , which will signal that it is time for me to return!

I am Gemma and this is the story of my life.