Barbaresco is a DOCG wine, made from the same grape variety as Barolo, and both appellations were awarded DOCG status in the same year. Barbaresco is vinified from 100% Nebbiolo grapes. It was awarded DOC status in 1966 and DOCG status in 1980.

Il Barbaresco può essere prodotto solo nei comuni facenti parte della DOCGBarbaresco can be produced only in municipalities that fall within the DOCG. The production of Barbaresco is allowed only in municipalities that are part of the DOCG: an area characterised by calcareous, clayey soils or a combination of the two. A key factor for the production of Barbaresco is the structure of the vineyards: they must be on hilly slopes, never on the valley floor or on flat land. The natural slope of the rows of vines favours water drainage, allowing the wine to assume its characteristically dry and harmonious structure.

Cantina Piero Busso di Neive | Cesta di uve nebbiolo

You can recognise Barbaresco at first glance: exceptionally limpid, ruby red coloured when young, turning garnet red with age.

An austere red wine, with tannins that make their presence felt without compromising the wide range of aromas and suggestions it evokes. Elegance and grace make it very hard to forget and quite unique in the complexity of its aroma and depth of inspiration.

Although the DOCG was established in 1966, the history of Barbaresco is much older, going all the way back to the ancient times of the Roman Empire. After conquering Gaul, it seems that the Romans cultivated Nebbiolo there. They used it to make a wine called Barbaritium.

Cantina Piero Busso di Neive | Il Barbaresco scivola nel calice

The Barbaresco DOCG that we know today has been created step by step over the years:

Domizio Cavazza, uno dei padri del Barbaresco


the first bottle of wine to be labelled as Barbaresco


the year the Cantina di Barbaresco was established. Strongly endorsed by Domizio Cavazza, the first director of the Royal Oenological School of Alba


the consortium for the protection of Barolo and Barbaresco was founded


Barbaresco was awarded DOC status


Barbaresco was awarded DOCG status

Cantina Piero Busso di Neive | Foto di famiglia tra i filari

We like to think of the special bond between the place where we live and Barbaresco, remembering an event that takes us even further back than 1870, to 1862, in London. A wine made from Nebbiolo grapes was presented at the Universal Exhibition held there. It was so successful that Domizio Cavazza fell in love with it, so much so that he went on to establish the Cantina di Barbaresco. The wine presented that year in London, was introduced simply as “Neive”.