When it comes to Barbaresco, our commitment is clear: never force things in the cellar and know how to wait.

Wine is a reflection of the land. In order to fully express the characteristics of the terroir and the environment, we extend the respect that we reserve for the vines to our wines in the cellar.

Long maceration, no bleeding, the wine’s fermentation cap is flaked rather than punched… Small, delicate gestures that allow the wine to take on a character in line with the idea of Barbaresco that we have been pursuing for years.

Cantina Piero Busso di Neive | Il Barbaresco secondo noi

If you taste one of our Barbaresco wines, you will find that there is a sort of continuity among them but also some significant differences. Because origin, ageing and climate are elements that leave their mark on the grapes. With the utmost respect for the fruit, we undertake to translate these differences into wines.

This is the how Piero Busso approaches Barbaresco: accompanying the wine to its most authentic expression, treating it gently, attentively, carrying out just a few targeted operations, without ever forcing it. With the ambition of maintaining the clean work carried out in the vineyard, until the day the bottle leaves the cellar to end up on a winelover’s table.