Racconto di una viaggiatrice amante del buon vino

Dinner in midsummer, with a view.

The sunset on Monviso, a warm breeze, the Gothan Project playing in the background and, below the terrace, an endless expanse of vineyards.

In August they are at their peak.
The dominant colour is green…it projects an extraordinary energy.

Barbaresco DOCG Mondino - Piero Busso I am sitting at a table waiting to taste a typical dish from the Langhe: raw meat with black truffle.
The black truffle, called Scorzone, is often given little attention, but is added to certain dishes to enhance their flavours.

Paired with it; an extraordinary Barbaresco Mondino, originating from the vineyard in the Balluri in Neive.
Neive is a magical town, with its medieval village that has remained practically intact, I think it is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

The Barbaresco Mondino is open, fruity, with delicate tannins because it is the first to be bottled and leave the cellar.
Its colour is an intense ruby red, its fragrance is reminiscent of small red berries.

It is a perfect wine for both those who are experiencing this precious red for the first time, and for lovers of Barbaresco.

A perfect moment that today seems almost a dream, of a dinner, in midsummer.